Beyond Juicery+Eatery review

Katina Sutarov, Social Media Manager

A healthy variety of smoothie bowls, raw juices and wraps are just some of the items offered at Beyond Juicery + Eatery in Shelby Township. Is this health frenzy restaurant worth spending money and time on?

The Beyond Juicery + Eatery space inhabits vastly modern, clean vibes. The radio’s top hits play throughout the space at a volume good for conversing or working. The juice shop holds couches, papasan-style chairs and wooden tables to dine on. There’s also a fridge almost as big as a wall filled with premade juices and snacks.

The customer service shows beyond doubt that it’s outstanding. The workers greet customers when they walk in and let them know to start ordering whenever they’re ready. They listen attentively when the customer is ordering. Some workers start conversing with customers and ask how everything is tasting. Once customers leave they say goodbye as well.

The caliente raw juice, which consists of cilantro, cucumber, ginger, celery, spinach, lemon and 

cayenne seemed healthy and out of the box to try and definitely was. The juice tasted unsatisfactory, but someone who likes earthy-tasting foods would enjoy this. The unique juice tasted of greens and left a spicy aftertaste of ginger in the mouth. The flavors came off exceedingly subtle and the few noticeable flavors tasted honestly disgusting, like someone took a chunk of grass, blended it and called it a juice. This wasn’t at all tasty nor worth purchasing, but gives a rewarding feeling for consuming something so obviously healthy.

This juice shop offers many wraps and the avocado turkey wrap with turkey, avocado, hummus, romaine, tomato and muenster and a side of spicy salsa for dipping seemed the most appealing. The cooks warmed the wrap and even offer a variety in what type of bread encompasses the insides.This wrap held lots of flavor and everything tasted amazing, it was extremely pleasant. It was healthy, yet filling and tasty, so it wasn’t a pain to eat and still left a satisfying feeling after eating it. 

To finish the meal, the acai smoothie bowl seemed like a classic. This bowl contains a base of blueberry, banana, coconut water and honey and incorporates toppings of freshly sliced strawberries, Carlo’s granola and chia seeds. Everything in the bowl tasted so fresh, especially the strawberries. The smoothie itself has a top-notch serving size, consistency and thickness. It’s eminently worth buying.

Overall, Beyond Juicery + Eatery earns 5/5 stars because they stay true to being healthy and especially for a new establishment, their space, food and drinks proves itself as pleasant and exactly what they market themselves as. For a health nut style juice shop, this establishment comes across as amazing and worth spending time and money on.