Prom is for all

Madison DeMasse, Social Media/Editor

Prom is a time to party and enjoy the last school dance ever, but some are missing one thing; a date.

Without a date, some students are struggling with the decision to go to prom alone or even go at all. It is noticed that more boys are saying they won’t go to prom without a date than girls.

Some girls express they want to go with their friends and they don’t mind not having a plus one. On the other hand, most people know boys are typically the ones to ask girls to the dance. This year, senior boys are refusing to ask girls to prom and it’s causing a drop in guests attending

All in all, the boys need to step it up, gain some confidence and ask a girl to prom. Asking someone to prom doesn’t mean they’re automatically a couple, they could easily go as friends.

Students should attend prom whether they have a date or not. Prom is the last dance ever of high school and students would definitely regret not going once they see how much fun their friends had.

Don’t waste a high school experience just because one feels uncomfortable doing it alone.