Don’t stress for the test

Ava Dal Pra, staff writer

Tests can often cause students stress which can affect the way they perform on them because finals are the most stressful time of the whole semester according to Mental Health America.


“I try to relax myself as much as possible and not stress about finals,” sophomore Olivia Thompson said.


Getting ready for finals doesn’t just mean studying with flashcards and notes, but preparing mentally. According to Shainese Alston, A relaxing massage and a good 8-10 hours of sleep can improve mentality for finals. Massages and sleep help reduce stress and release tension in the body so people can feel calmer within themselves.


“I study weeks before hand,” sophomore Chloe Cole said. ”Eating a healthy breakfast and getting a lot of sleep will help you feel more awake and energized to answer questions on the test.”


Instead of cramming, work in little portions for better memory on the subject. Doing this reduces stress. Eat a healthy meal with plenty of vitamins and nutrients and drink enough water. Exercising and healthy meals are just a few great factors students tend to forget about. Healthy meals make people feel fresh and happier, while exercising helps people feel more determined and gives people time to process everything while exercising.


Drinking a lot of water and having a self talk with yourself can motivate you more and make you feel positive, according to Olivia Thompson.