Seize the day

Grace Kulin, Editor-in-chief

School, homework, sleep, repeat.

High school is often pure routine.

Just get through today. Just get through this week. Just one more year.

Almost every student has gotten to the point where they’re just trudging along through school, counting down the days to be done but they’re forgetting something incredibly important.

Life is not meant to be spent being wished away. Even in the worst times there is something to enjoy.

It’s important to enjoy the small moments, because life can change in the blink of an eye. Not to say high school is the time of one’s life— not at all true. Nor should every single day be enjoyed, that’s not realistic.

However, nothing is more important than appreciating life and enjoying health.

This is important for everyone— especially high schoolers— and has come into a much sharper focus for me recently.

Although the day is just a blur to me now, on Nov. 14th I left my english class to use the restroom only to suffer a seizure in the bathroom. I was rushed to the emergency room and after two days neurologists discovered I have a benign brain tumor.

I am now, not-so-patiently, awaiting tests upon tests to discover the best way to go about removing this malformation in my head.

When I left the hospital I was determined to go back to school. And I did just that. Then I failed two tests and stayed home for another week and a half— per my neurologist’s recommendation.

During those two weeks at home, and the sudden red arrows filling my PowerSchool I realized something. Sure, school, homework and sleep are incredibly important but so are family and happiness.

Don’t focus on school— there is life beyond it. That A in English class is not a be all, end all. Try to focus on having a good laugh or two before reading an entire book in two days.

Don’t spend life— especially high school looking ahead. Spend it trying to be as happy as possible. The chord on one’s neck at graduation aren’t worth the four years of stress they often require.

Don’t wish life away. Have a countdown to graduation but make all of the days in between count.

Seize today. Seize tomorrow. Seize every day.