Bitter defeat and sweet victory

Lauren Harris, Staff writer

Defeated and undefeated.

This year’s double header for varsity basketball took place against the visiting Henry Ford II.

“It’s unfortunate we lost, but we know what we need to work on and we are working hard everyday to improve what we do,” said guard Matthew Donahue.

Varsity boys lost against the visiting falcons. Senior Ben Campbell led the home team with 17 points, but his high scoring night was not enough for a win. Boys lost 59-50, making their overall record 0-2.

“It felt good having a crowd. It made me want to play harder and better because of the energy,” guard Alexus Smith said.

The girl’s improved their record to 5-0, pulling off a win against the lady falcons. Seniors Nicole Meyer and Katie Hayes led the ladies in scoring, Meyer with 12 points and Hayes adding 10 of her own.