Humans of Ike

Fabrizio Orsi de Paula, Staff Writer

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Photo/ Fabrizio Orsi de Paula


Christopher “Ian” Meyer ’17

“I started [music] by having guitars on my wall and not knowing how to play them. I just wanted to learn how to start playing them and I started off really badly, but then I got good. I practice every day and I do whatever I can. I surely want to do something with music when I grow up. If I can be in a successful band, that’d be great; or even if I went to an orchestra of some sort with my violin.

“My grandpa passed me down his violin and I just started playing that whenever I was in the orchestra. It meant a lot to me, because I heard him play it all the time whenever I was really young. It was just awesome that I got to take his violin and it feels great because I can pass down his legacy, playing the instrument he loved the most. I think he’d be pretty proud of me if he saw me playing his old stuff.”

Photo/ Fabrizio Orsi de Paula
Photo/ Fabrizio Orsi de Paula



Chris DeClercq ‘18

“Always have an open mind. Don’t just go into things thinking that it’s going to be bad or it’s not gonna work out, always have an open mind. Like, sometimes, in school, people will tell me that the teachers aren’t that good or the classes are really hard and I end up thinking I’m not going to do well and that just makes me do worse. If I go in just with an open mind, then I’ll be able to do fine.”