Duncan molds Model UN

Junior Logan Duncan brings the Model UN club back


Trip downtown. At Model UN meeting, junior Logan Duncan talks about a Model UN conference happening in Detroit. Duncan explained the cost of entry fees and other information involving the event on January 7th.“It affects the way I live and affects the way other people live, it affects the quality of life for other people,” Duncan said.

Samantha Erwin, Staff Writer

The United Kingdom, United States, Japan and Russia, all these countries can be represented by students in the Model UN club formed by president,  junior Logan Duncan. 

“My goal in creating this club is to create a group of like-minded students that all can research and communicate with each other, despite having different viewpoints into a common goal, despite them being from many different nationalities and countries, all working together for a common good,” Duncan said. 

The history of nations around the world had been a long-time interest of Duncan’s as well as researching and checking out books about major global events. However, these topics have not piqued Duncan’s interest just recently.

“I had this interest since I was 10 years old,” Duncan said. “I’ve always read and already checked out history books from the library about the Russian Revolution and different wars, obscure wars, and they’re all about global politics and history.”

During Duncan’s sophomore year, he took an AP US history class which fuelled his passion. AP US history teacher Shane Smith created a learning environment in which Duncan was not afraid to discuss politics.

“He was a teacher who made history interesting and dynamic. He didn’t shy away from politics at all,” Duncan said, “When he was talking about history, he was passionate about what he believed in and just the facts of the matter and he was truly, truly a great teacher.”

His interests in global politics and global events, kickstarted the idea for bringing Model UN back to the school. The club is another way to see what’s happening in the world, using these topics of history to have conversations about world relations while acting as the country itself. 

“I formed this club to nurture those with interests in history, global politics and communication skills,” Duncan said, “people that are interested in those subjects and they just want a brief background, they can join Model UN and gain that sort of research.” 

Club member, junior Christian Bush helps plan out meetings with Duncan, the last meeting talking about the passing of amendments in the US. 

“It’s mostly his dedication to the club, how much he cares and the tiny things he puts into everything,” club member Christian Bush said. “anytime I see him he’s got some project going on involving making Model UN better.” 

Duncan’s political aspirations only go so far as he doesn’t plan on going into a field of political action. Instead he plans to achieve a minor in political science later after graduating high school next year. Despite not having any major political goals, Duncan’s interest in world relations still stands very strong.

“It affects the way I live and affects the way other people live, it affects the quality of life for other people,” Duncan said, “and I think if we understand that, like the psychology of that better, we can better communicate with each other and just be more prosperous as a whole.”