Lead and achieve

Sophomore Michael Smolenski is admitted to the Michigan State Association of Student Council Board of Directors.


Onward to a new level of leadership. Standing next to senior student council president is sophomore Michael Smolenski, he has just received the great news. The acceptance email came from the Michigan State Association of Student Council Board of Directors which told him he had been approved to join the association.

Samantha Erwin, Staff Writer

Good leadership is hard to come by as less people like to take action and interact with people on larger scales, however that is not the case with sophomore Michael Smolenski.

“It’s a pretty big deal to me. I spent a lot of time on my resume to apply, a lot of people across the state apply so getting in is a big accomplishment,” Smolenski said, “It’s really just a bigger opportunity to be able to help students across the state achieve much higher leadership.”

Though it’s only Smolenski’s first year on the student council, he has made a big splash in the leadership pool. Working hard to organize and help out with events all goes into the pressure of being active in the school community. 

“I am a part of a lot of different activities within the school, and I show and display my leadership credibility across different clubs and events across the last few years,” Smolenski said.

The Association is a much bigger student council with high school students from all over Michigan. Submitting an application and creating a resume for an establishment like this is hard considering how many apply. 

“I was pretty surprised, but I knew that I definitely had everything It took to be able to get in,” Smolenski said.

Smolenski hadn’t even received the email yet before hearing about it from the student council president. 

These kinds of achievements take a lot of work and Smolenski showed just that. Being able to receive the opportunity of being admitted to the Michigan State Association of Student Council Board of Directors also opens up more doors for new possibilities. 

“It’s an opportunity to meet new people. And get new ideas to display maybe across like more ideas from other banners and other schools,” Smolenski said.