Through the Decades

First lip dub celebrates the past five decades


Hipsters to hashtags. Mrs. Dawson’s second hour film class prepares for the first ever lip dub. Each of their shirts represent the decade section they contributed to.

Ava Nightingale, Staff writer

For the first time, Eisenhower will partake in a lip dub to not only celebrate this year, but its five decades of history. 

“It’s going to be a very long but exciting day of unknowns which is okay, because that’s what happens when you do something for the first time,” film teacher Christina Dawson said.

In celebration of Eisenhower’s 50th anniversary, the lip dub, a music video with lip syncing, takes one through the past five decades. In total, there are seven sections whose themes and music will slowly transport you from the 70’s to the present day.

“We start off in the 70’s with a time machine section in the beginning where Mr. Manzella, and senior Jaden Skwier who will be playing a young Mr. Principal Manzella,” Dawson said.

Since November, Dawson’s film class has been diligently planning the event. One of her students, sophomore Jack Freers, has participated in the preparation of the 80’s section including the music, props, and recordings.

“I’m most excited that this is something the whole school can be a part of,” Freers said. “It’s going to be fun. Not only the students, but the teachers can enjoy it too.”

The lip dub will be filmed on Thursday, May 18th. During the first hour students will go to their section according to grade and decorate. Only students who have signed up for specific parts will then practice during the second hour. Third hour will be the first run through, and fifth hour is the final take. Fourth and sixth hours will resume normally unless events run late.

“Hopefully, the energy that I have spills over into the student body,” Dawson said. “And you guys get just as excited as I am on the inside about it.”