Worth the wait

Epcot’s Cosmic Rewind Review


Disney World’s Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic rewind qualifies as one of the most anticipated rides in Epcot. “This was definitely my favorite ride of the day,” Cameron Brown said. This is a ride you definitely do not want to miss.

Disney World’s Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic rewind coaster does not disappoint. 

Cosmic Rewind is based off of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies featured in the Marvel cinematic universe. Even though this is considered a thrill ride, there are many new features that help elevate this rollercoaster to stand out amongst the other rides in the parks.

While riding, you are able to experience the vehicle rotating 360 degrees as well as tilting back and forth along the tracks. Even while riding the coaster there are numerous screens and lights surrounding the tracks that give you the sense of being immersed into the movie. 

The coaster itself is smooth and shows how Disney continues to focus on the science and technology behind all of its attractions. Along with being one of the largest enclosed roller coasters in the world, this is Disney’s first “reverse launch” thrill ride ever to be set in the parks. 

One of the major setbacks can be the virtual cue. During the opening months, many of Disney’s new attractions will have “virtual cues” which are online reservations for the ride.  The virtual cue opens at 7am on the MyDisneyExperience app and fills up fast. This can be a setback during your stay, although you don’t have to stand in a line you must always be on standby until your group is called. 

Beside the stress of the virtual cue, Cosmic Rewind is fully immersive. With spring break right around the corner this coaster is a “must ride,” if you are visiting Disney World. The building structure, lights and projections, and screens on all sides of the tracks -this is a ride you definitely do not want to miss.