S.O.A.R flies high to improve students’ mental health


Juniors Hannah Ciolac and Courtney Witherow pet Clancy, one of the therapy dogs brought in. “I think it was really welcoming and chill which makes me want to come back,” Ciolac said. The club hopes to host the dogs again in the future, next time bringing them into lunch as a way to spread awareness and promote the club. PHOTO CREDIT: @eaglesoar_ on Instagram

Samantha Erwin, Staff Writer

Stress, anxiety, anger and depression, S.O.A.R (supporting others arise radiantly) goes above and beyond to help students dealing with these problems in a fun, non-pressuring environment.

Improving mental health has been talked about more by this generation’s than any other generation. S.O.A.R. is a club that focuses on creating a place for kids at school to find a better head space. 

“It’s really turned into more of a mental health club where we’re trying to help students find a good mental space and help others do the same,” club sponsor Julia Sinning said.

In October S.O.A.R brought in therapy dogs from Go Team Therapy, the purpose of bringing them in was to talk about how furry friends can be good companions and relieve stress. They have also done journaling to practice the idea of getting thoughts onto paper; now they are moving forward onto new plans.

“[In our November meeting] we organized our adoptive family gifts that we are presenting for the holiday families,” said club sponsor Julia Sinning, “So we organized those wraps on those and then we just tried to laugh a little and watched a Christmas movie.”

S.O.A.R, unlike many other clubs, doesn’t have strict hours letting you come and go as you please, so there isn’t any pressure on students joining the club to help promote the feeling of being relaxed and having a good time. 

 “I think it’s important because like some of the different clubs around the school, everybody has different interests,” Rauchfleish said, “but in S.O.A.R, everybody has a brain, everybody has mental health. Everybody will face a mental health issue in their lifetime usually. So, it’s good to know some of these strategies and how to help them.”

Students can find S.O.A.R club meetings in room 227 and they are typically twice a month. However, to join kids will have to pay a $10 fee to go toward the fun activities this club has to offer.

 “I think everybody really can feel safe coming to S.O.A.R, it really is a safe space,” said Rauchfleish, “we’re not here to judge, everybody’s welcome.”