Swoosh into strong season

Mens J.V. basketball reigns in league


Photo Alexis Urbano

Dribbling the ball, sophomore shooting guard Ian Patterson keeps an eye on his opponents. “I’m not really thinking a lot, I’m just going and scoring buckets,” Patterson said. “[This season is] very promising. We have a very good team.”

Evis Hernandez, Staff Writer

The J.V. men’s basketball team bounded onto the court at the start and continues to lead the league.

“I am very proud of them. We started out the season 7-0 and we were playing great,” Coach Anthony Muscat said. “This is probably the best offensive team I have been a part of in my 11 seasons of coaching. When we had some players move up to varsity it took some adjusting, but we did not quit competing.”
The team continues to assess their strengths and weaknesses to make a plan of attack.

“Our defensive rotations need to get better. I think by the end of the season we will get there,” sophomore Alex Varner said. “We have a good group of guys. I think all of us have it in us to push each other to the best of our ability.”

They also look to improve their scoring by driving to the paint, shooting more three-pointers and making them consistently. They average around 50 or 60 shots per game and seek to get to 70 or 80, according to sophomore Talon Pickens said.

“My job as a coach is to make sure the boys are having fun, first and foremost. If they are having fun, that seems to boil over to the basketball court,” Muscat said. “So my goal is to keep having fun, while competing.”