Basketball initiation makes its return


Emma Campbell

The signature phrase left behind on each driveway of the newbies on Varsity.

Alyssa Battani, Staff Writer

A new player on Women’s Varsity Basketball walks outside their house in the dark, surprised by the tons of toilet paper scattered around the trees of their home.

“I was shocked to see that my entire house had been covered in toilet paper. I had no idea this is what was headed my way when I gave the captain’s my address,” junior post Alexis Brecht said.

Before their first game, the team holds their annual toilet papering event for all the new teammates who made it on varsity. The returning players trick the newbies into sharing their address and later to sneak around with toilet paper and spray paint “Welcome to V squad” onto the sidewalk.

“I’m really glad to be a part of varsity this year. It really made me feel a part of the team getting spray painted and toilet papered.” junior shooting guard Samantha Souder said. “I’m hoping for a good first season on varsity.”