Senior basketball players discuss final season

Alisha Newsom, Staff Writer

Seniors from the men and women’s varsity basketball teams discuss going into their final season.

Q : How does it feel knowing that this is your last season playing high school basketball?

Briana Zilli : It’s really bittersweet I’m excited to play basketball with my teammates and coaches, but at the same time it’s sad knowing that this is my last time playing for Eisenhower.

Brandon Munn : I don’t really think about it much, I just try to enjoy what I have left.

Q : What are some things that you are looking forward to this season?

Smith : I’m looking forward for the districts because I believe we can make it out this year and also just being with the team because we enjoy each other.

Cukaj : I’m looking forward to having fun with my team.

Q : What is your favorite basketball memory?

Zilli : My favorite basketball memory was senior night last year when we beat Utica.

Cukaj : Saturday morning donuts with coach Gilbert.

Q : What will you miss most when the season is over?

Zilli : I’ll miss seeing my coaches and teammates every day and playing the game that I love.

Munn : I will miss playing the game of basketball.

Cukaj : I will miss the bus rides to the game.