Stay healthy while busy

Being active on a busy schedule is manageable

Ava Kaspari, Editor

As students become older and busier, finding time to squeeze in physical activity — unless they play yearlong sports — can get increasingly difficult.
“I would recommend all students include exercise in their schedule,” certified personal trainer Grace Porta said.
Students can benefit from physical activity not only for their bodies, but for minds and grades, according to Porta.
“Exercising is an important part of everyone’s daily routine,” according to Mayo Clinic. “Staying active will control your weight, prevent health problems, improve your mood, boost your energy, promote better sleep and it is fun.”
A study at Purdue University showed a correlation between good grades and working out.
Planning a schedule is the best way to fit in some physical activity. This could be as simple as going on a walk or decreasing some screen time to focus on a quick workout.
“Routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization. Having a routine can greatly improve your health,” according to northwestern medicine.
A routine can help better stress levels, better sleep and better health. Not everyone needs a fully scheduled day to be productive, but having some type of plan for the day is effective.
“Some activities/workouts to do in a short amount of time are going for a walk, HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout and jump rope. A fun way to be active is to play sports with friends, too,” Porta said.
Students who have a busy school schedule find success with exercise at the gym, at home or with personal trainers.
“I work Tuesdays and Thursdays and I go to the gym Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays; Fridays and Sundays are my days off to relax and hang out with my friends,” senior Alexandra Gjokaj said.
A scheduled plan ensures physical activity is part of the week. She still gives herself time for other priorities too.
“Sometimes I want to skip the gym, but then I think that if I skip, I’m not going to do anything else physical that day; so it makes me want to go to the gym even more,” Gjokaj said.
At times squeezing exercise in to the day may get stressful, but it can change the tone of the day and encourage overall confidence and strong mental health.
“I think getting my physical activity in is worth it because it makes me more responsible and I feel like if I didn’t go I would feel lazy,” Gjokaj said.
Exercise improves academic performance in addition to affecting a students’ cognitive skills, according to Dr. Niket Sonpal.
“My clients have said they’ve seen a significant difference since they’ve started working out with their work ethic,” Porta said. “I highly encourage students to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine.”