Out of season

Marching band students recall their 2021 to 2022 season


Senior Lauren Petterle, on the right, sports her drum-major outfit while leading the band during the 2021 Ike homecoming parade. “I felt a lot of pride for the band and for our school and it was just really fun,” Petterle said. She marched with her fellow drum majors, Isabella Visnaw and Madison Bellman.

Rhonda Shoush, Online Reporter

Taking flight or setting sail, people go either way when their sports season is over– some pursue it, others let it go.

“It was a lot of fun because you got to meet a lot of good people in the marching band,” sophomore axo-sax player Noah Robinson said. “There’s people I’ve met this year because of it.” 

Marching band ended Oct. 22, and even though the marching band season is over, the fun is not all gone. Robinson remembers the good memories and Lauren Petterle is ‘taking flight.’

“I play tennis so I’m going to make varsity this year,” senior drum major Lauren Petterle said. “I’m doing that in the spring.” 

Robinson doesn’t have a clear and concise plan of what to do now. However, he is clear on his recall of the time during the band season happening.

Lauren Petterle and Noah Robinson are glad they got the experience that they did during the marching band season.

“It was a lot of fun,” Robinson said. “I was very happy to meet all these people I met.”