Wrestling team beats quarantine


Logan Archy

“Wrestling is really important to me and I’m happy we got all the way through the season,” junior Logan Archy said. Archy got to go to this meet after staying healthy.

Katelyn Hellmann, Staff Writer

As the other sports teams get put in quarantine, the wrestling team still thrives and are grateful to finish out the season.

“We are totally grateful that we could have a semi-normal season this year. From what we heard the majority of the other sports were shut down midway through the season,” freshmen  wrestler Logan Duncan said.

The wrestling team made it all the way through the season by taking precautions during meets and practices along with encouraging each other to stay focused and upbeat.

“We just kept coming to practice and kept going, we all had so much motivation to make the most of the year,”  senior wrestler Justin Labon said.

Throughout the season, the team used wrestling as a distraction from all the craziness going on outside. The boys encouraged each other and reminded each other to stay safe. The team knew that if they stayed healthy, the team could pull off their season with the extra time they had to practice. They had a record of nine wins and 12 losses.

“I took extra precautions to stay safe because i enjoy wrestling so much; it’s [the] most important [thing] to me,” junior wrestler Thomas Garnini said.

The team made it a goal to get through the season healthy. All the players wore masks at practice along with practicing with the same person every time to avoid cross contamination. At meets all the wrestlers took a test before starting and attempted to stay six feet from other teams. All the players avoided going out and made sure to wear a mask when they did. Because of all the precautions they took they’re able to make the season happen.

“Wrestling is one thing I enjoy to do the most,” Gardini said. “So I’d take any precautions I have to, to keep do what I love.”