Getting Through the Winter Blues

Discover different ways to cope with the hard times during the cold months

Ava Kaspari, Staff Writer

Winter blues affect many because of the lack of sunshine and warmth. At this point in the year, winter disappointment marks the very innermost of hibernation, overeating and total lack of physical activity. There are many ways to slowly get out of this and perk up life a little bit. 

Although Michigan gets very cold this time of year, the most vital thing to do is get outside for some fresh air and sunlight. Just going on a walk for fifteen minutes a day helps. Spend a few minutes away from your computer to focus more on oneself.

When it comes to working, sleeping and exercising, it is very important to stay on a schedule. Attempt to resist the urge to stay up too late or sleep in too long. The same goes for eating. Try to have a balanced diet throughout the day by not eating too much and having something other than junk food. Staying on a schedule will regulate this so that eating all day will not happen.

Sticking to a regular schedule when it comes to sleep, physical activity and eating ensures that one’s circadian rhythms stay balanced, according to Circadian rhythms are like a body’s internal clock which responds to light and darkness. This affects one physically and mentally.

Another way to stay motivated is to go on a walk with a friend, a neighbor, or even a pet. Dogs are therapeutic and are great walking companions. If you don’t have a dog, asking a neighbor to walk theirs would work too.

Getting ready every morning can seem like a harder struggle than it sounds, but doing it will helps motivate one for the day. Making the bed, taking a shower, and even doing one’s hair can get your day off to a good start. Looking presentable might motivate one to go out and be more active during the day.

Stepping out of the ordinary and trying something new gives oneself a break from everyday stress. Try doing yoga, meditation, or even a more physical activity like a new sport. Staying active in something new can ease one’s mind and stay away from stress. 

Don’t hesitate to try something new. Setting goals and staying on a healthy schedule helps to overcome the winter blues. Staying busy and active makes the warmer and happier months come much quicker.