Starbuck’s “Carry the Merry” review


Raiha Khan, Staff Writer

In order to get into the Christmas spirit, start preparations for the season with festive drinks; fortunately, Starbucks offers a variety of different drinks that are sure to satisfy taste buds.

Irish Cream Cold Brew
The drink emitted a coffee bean scent, which gave the impression that it would be strong, but the taste was completely the opposite. The cold brew didn’t have a bitter taste like assumed and it wasn’t overly sweet. It tasted quite bland and plain, like milk.

Although this drink isn’t suited for the winter season, its presentation was beautiful because of the different colored layers it offered. The bottom portion contained black coffee; the top layer consisted of a fluffy white Irish cream; and the middle was a light brown colored mix.

Overall, this drink rates a three out of five candy canes.

Peppermint Mocha
This beverage was reminiscent of a hot chocolate, the perfect reminder of Christmas. A soft swirl of whipped cream and little chunks of chocolate topped off the drink. When retrieving the cup, it smelled the most like peppermint.

It’s flavor wasn’t overboard and maintained a light balance between the contrasting sweet and minty tastes. This drink was nice, but it would be better if the flavors were a little heavier.

Overall, this drink rates four and a half out of five candy canes.

Caramel Brulee Latte
It was ordered hot to meet one of the qualifications for the perfect Christmas drink. The presentation was very similar to the Peppermint Mocha, except it had a caramel drizzle with tiny caramel chunks sprinkled over.

It tasted like the Irish Cream Cold Brew, but with a little bit of a sweeter flavor. This drink would be recommended for people that don’t like the taste of coffee and want a light, but not overbearing sweetness.

This drink gets three and a half out of five candy canes overall.

“Christmas in a cup”
This TikTok trending creation came in a singular light milk chocolate color. The scent was very vibrant with both minty and fruity scents.

The taste differed from all the drinks on the “Carry the Merry” menu. The flavor was very powerful with large amounts of peppermint and chocolate at first but then a tangy sweet flavor from the strawberry puree. The varying flavors of peppermint, strawberry and vanilla sweet cream cold foam blended together perfectly.

This drink definitely sums up Christmas because it is full of surprises and excitement; overall, this drink would rate five out of five candy canes.

All in all, the personalized order that came from TikTok presented the best taste out of all the drinks on the Starbucks “Carry the Merry” menu.

The flavors were very refreshing and vibrant with contrasting ingredients that came together perfectly. These drinks are recommended for anyone.