Pushing through winter blues

Complete this workout to help tone muscles and lift moods


Colin Westgate, Staff Writer

Working out not only helps with losing weight and toning, but it can also help get rid of winter blues.
To enjoy a workout, research what exercises would be best suited to one’s ability level. Many different types of workouts are offered based on varying fitness levels.
1 Start with a quick warm-up of jogging or jumping rope. If a treadmill is available, walk at the highest incline possible, for those with experience, or the highest level one feels comfortable with if just starting out. The warm-up should range from five to 15 minutes depending on the stamina and comfort level of the person.
2 Complete 10-20 push-ups with correct form: hands shoulder width a part, elbows in and a straight back. Go down as far as possible before hitting the ground in order to start building muscles. Working on push-ups targets the build of abdominal muscles, chest muscles, shoulder muscles and arm muscles.
3 Next, do 10-20 squats. Correct squatting form is to place both feet shoulder width apart with toes pointing forward. When bending downward, remember to keep knees perpendicular to feet and to maintain a straight back.
4 After, complete 15-25 sit-ups. If it’s difficult to do these while keeping both feet on the ground, slip feet under a couch or have a partner assist with holding them firm on the ground to keep core engaged.
5 Take a water break or breather if needed, then continue the workout with a 30-60 second plank. Begin by resting on one’s forearms, keeping them shoulder width apart. Then, maintaining a straight back, lift the rest of the body into a push-up position. Repeat the plank three to five times.
6 To finish, challenge oneself by completing 100 push-ups, 100 squats and a single two-minute plank. If this proves to be too difficult, do as many as possible and then take a quick break before continuing.
In order to see results, consistency is key. Try to do this workout as many days out of the week possible, but do leave some rest days as well.
Source: Grace Abigail Porta