Molly use increases among teenagers

Molly use increases among teenagers

Molly aka Misty, Legal Xm Legal E or the “club drug,” controls our mood, aggression, sensitivity to pain, sleep, and memory loss, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

“I highly suggest that teens or any adults to not take Molly,” Shelby Twp. Police Officer Gene Malburg said. “It’s not good for you. Simple as that.”

Hyperthermia, the most common side effect of Molly, increases the body temperature to a dangerously high degree. This leads to damage of the respiratory and circulatory systems and ultimately death, according to Nurse Anesthetist Angela Bell. Recorded fatalities occur when the body temperature reaches up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit from taking the drug, Bell said.

Additional side effects also include damage to the heart and kidneys.  Taken with alcohol, Molly becomes even more of a risk because the brain becomes dehydrated.

“The drug leaves me tired, with cotton mouth and grinding my teeth, which is not enjoyable,” Catie Lawson* said.

“Taking Molly did have me dizzy,” Lawson said, “but knowing the side effects are much worse than I thought, I am going to reconsider taking the drug.”

A form of Ecstasy, Molly produces distinctive emotional and social effects. The drug  comes in a capsule or tablet form, sometimes containing print on the pill.

The drug often comes from underground manufacturers, causing the substance to be pure or an unknown substance, according to Bell. These producers sometimes add caffeine, cocaine or phencyclidine, which causes hallucinations.

Depending on criminal history, a person, at any age, caught with the drug is issued a felony charge and arrested. The charge depends on the court and sentencing guidelines, but could lead to probation, fines, jail time, or prison, according to Malburg.

“The quick high is not worth it,” Bell said. “You are sacrificing your future and possibly your life.”

*This source is used anonymously and will remain confidential.