Staying on track for the end of the school year

Katina Sutarov, Page leader

With summer vacation so close, students can find it challenging to keep up with grades without the distraction of hot weather and fun memories getting in the way, so, finding ways to stay focused is often a struggle.

Students can use a planner or calendar and write down what classes have homework, examine the current state of their grades, and move themselves away from common distractions.

It is easy to lose the drive to have good grades near the end of the year, and one way to prevent or decrease the chances of this happening is for students to schedule out their school week and what to do after school.

“I think you should use a planner because it keeps you organized and you can figure out what you want and need to do,“ junior Ana Gjorgjevski said.

Another way to raise grades is to examine where they are at in each class being taken, if they are very high, then keep it up, and if they are very low, work on it or study very hard for the exam and raise the grade through that test.

“When I look at my grades and see where I’m at before the end of the year it really helps because I can see where I need improvement and work extra hard to get those grades up before time’s up,” sophomore Anijah Robinson said.

Moving away from distractions like phones, loud rooms etc. so that there’s no choice but to do homework or study can help get homework done efficiently, and well. Going to the library by oneself or to a cafe with a friend can be good places to study and working with a friend may motivate someone even more to get work done.

“Whenever I have homework I put myself in a quiet room and put my phone away so I can focus on what I’m doing,” Sophomore Antonetta Nucullaj said, “it helps me get my homework done really fast and since I have nothing to focus on but my homework, it turns out really good,”