Mural of dedication


Art club students priming the Civic Center wall.

Anna Lippert, Editor-in-chief

Chosen from nine contestants, art teacher Jennifer Ramirez has until June 28 to paint her mural on the Civic Center Park, Recreation Center of Madison Heights.

“I feel incredibly honored I was chosen for this job,” Ramirez said.

The Recreation Center, also known as the park shelter, holds yoga and exercise classes. It is the central building surrounding the park. All four sides will be covered by Ramirez’s designs.

“My own imagination was my inspiration for the mural,” Ramirez said. “My kids helped too, on one wall my daughter posed for the image I used to base the girl on, and on the other side my son posed for the image of the boy.”

Every weekend and some weekdays will be dedicated to painting this mural, according to Ramirez. She hopes to have the walls complete by June 15.

Ramirez is also the administrator of National Art Honors Society, so her students have helped her prime and put a base coat on the building.

“Art club has been intrical,” Ramirez said. “I love how my students are encouraging me, I spend a lot of time encouraging them. It’s great to see how excited they are for me.”