Cell out for a veteran

Anna Lippert, Staff Writer

On Cell out day, students struggle to go a day without their phone, yet soldiers have no contact with family members for weeks, months, and maybe even years.

“Cell out day is meant to pay tribute to the soldiers who do this,” student council advisor Amber Bronson said.  “By us giving away our phones for one day, we have an opportunity to sympathize with what they give up in order to keep us all safe.”

The fourth annual cell out day was Monday, Nov. 12.  Students could voluntarily turn their phones in for $3 before school.  All the funds raised will be donated to Honor Flight, a program that sends World War Two veterans back to Washington, DC to see the memorial.  Around 50 students participated and we will be sending about 5 veterans to Washington, DC.

“I wish we had more participation this year,” senior committee head James Pillar said.  “I am proud that as a school we will be sending veterans to see the memorial.”