Caffeine craze

Madison DeMasse, Staff Writer

Need a boost? Energy and caffeinated drinks are filled with sugar and unhealthy amounts of caffeine, which cause a caffeine crash later. Too much caffeine can also result in heartburn, nausea, vomiting, fertility issues and even increased risk of heart attacks among young adults, according to nutritionists.

5-hour Energy
1 can
200 mg


Starbucks Coffee Bottle
1 bottle
130 mg

Red Bull
1 can
111 mg

Kickstart Mountain Dew
1 can
92 mg


1 can
86 mg

To gain energy, try to eat or drink
something with a reasonable amount of caffeine that’s more beneficial to the body. These options offer a positive effect on the body with a long lasting and healthy energy boost, according to Health and fitness instructor and coach.

Green Tea
1 Cup
35 mg

Dark Chocolate
1 piece
12 mg

Clif Energy Bar
1 bar
50 mg