Truth or Dare movie review

Lara Ilham, Staff Writer

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Games are fun, but a game of truth or dare turned deadly for a group of friends who were just looking to have fun.

In the one hour and forty-three minute movie “ Truth Or Dare”  while on spring break, Olivia (Lucy Hale) and her group of friends meet a guy named Carter (Landon Liboiron) who convinces them to go to an old church. He suggested playing truth or dare and as the game went on, the truth about why Carter took them there to play the game was a shocking revelation. It turned their life around, although they wouldn’t know immediately. After spring break ended, the group of friends went back home and realized the game followed them as well. They were not playing the game anymore; the game was playing them and there is no backing out. Olivia, Lucas (Tyler Posey) and Markie (Violett Beane) go on a journey to find out how to end this dreadful game.

The cast did an outstanding job portraying the roles. The ending is very creative and leaves you wanting to know what happens next. There were many startling moments with intense music to make the moment more suspenseful which categorizes this movie as a thriller/horror movie.

 The movie began a bit flat, but got better very quickly. Also, there were many moments where it became very bloody or too painful to watch, especially for people who can’t stand agonizing scenes. Overall, this movie has a different storyline than any other movie, which makes it more enjoyable and interesting to watch. “Truth or Dare”, rated PG-13, came out on Friday the 13th, which makes it exciting. This movie consists of many scenes that are mixtures of fun, heartbreaking and stirring, where you could laugh, cry or jump. Your turn is next, the game is real, wherever you go, whatever you do it will find you.

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