The importance of fitness

Keegan Snow, Staff writer

It’s no secret that you won’t get your goal summer body by sitting on the couch eating potato chips and a pint of ice cream.You have to spend hours in the gym and cut out the sugars, fats, and artificial foods from your diet.

It’s also no secret that going to the gym and eating clean is much easier said than done; if it was easy, there wouldn’t be a worldwide obesity epidemic.

According to, the seven main benefits of regular physical activity are that it controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, increases your sex drive, and it can help you be more social.

So even if you’re happy with yourself when you look in the mirror, still consider all the other benefits of being active and in the gym.

Even though according to, only 16.9% of American teens are obese, that leaves 83.1% that aren’t obese. Most high schoolers think that if they’re not overweight or obese, they don’t need to exercise or eat healthy. That is untrue. Exercising and eating healthy do so much more for you than give you a nice figure.