High school drug use

Keegan Snow, Staff writer


High school drug use – is it harmless fun or is it being taken too far?


Drug use is prevalent in every single high school in the country. 44%. According to teenrehabcenter.org, that is that amount of kids that sell drugs in high school.

There’s a serious drug and alcohol problem rising in youths.The statistics are 20% more than they used to be. It’s fair to say the number of high school teens abusing drugs and alcohol is getting out of hand.

Why is this happening? What has made the number of drug users increase so much? Is it the school environment? Peer pressure? Stress? What could it be?

There are many causes of drug use and addiction. Peer pressure, family problems, desire to be a better athlete or student.

Many teens don’t even fully understand the side effects of using drugs when they’re young. The brain isn’t even fully developed yet, and it’s no secret that drugs aren’t really good for your brain.

Obviously something has changed within our culture that has caused this rapid increase in drug use. It could be the pressure that is put on teenagers to be the perfect image for society.

This problem isn’t going to solve itself. As a society, we need to keep reminding kids that no matter what they hear or what is happening in their life, drugs are not and will never be the answer.