Earth beauty

Piper Trembour, Staff Writer

Nightly routine: take a shower, wash hair, jump into pajamas and end with a harmful coal tar moisturizer.

Using natural skin products is healthier than using harsh chemicals found in processed products, according to Pimples and swelling can be treated with natural ingredients found on the Earth, recent study by Dr. Edward Group. They help with photoaging, which is premature aging from UV rays. Many skin safe, natural products, can be found at home.

The following products should be applied to the skin’s surface, individually, depending on skin needs.



Lemons full of citric acid and vitamin C can brighten and lighten the skin if used over a period of time. Lemons happen to be antibacterial, which can help cure blackheads caused by acne.



Honey is great for skin, thanks to antibacterial properties and a hefty serving of skin-saving antioxidants, according to beauty expert Kim Wallace, founder of Kimberlyloc. A natural glow and complexion boost comes from the moisture in the honey. Honey also opens up and unclogs pores.



Plain Greek yogurt can also offer skin benefits. Yogurt applied on surface skin, increases moisture, which makes the skin more elastic and increases brightness. Lactic acid found in yogurt removes the topmost layer of dead skin cells, leaving behind brighter and younger looking skin.



Sugar is an excellent product to use on skin. It is a natural humectant and draws moisture from the air into the skin. It is also a natural source of glycolic acid. This breaks down the bonds in dead skin and turns over to help create fresher, younger looking skin.