Cvetanovski officially a college dancer

Grace Kulin, Editor

Just her, three other girls and some coaches. All of her preparation with high school dance has led to this moment— her tryout for University of Cincinnati’s dance team. Then she got the e-mail.

Senior Isabella Cvetanovski recently earned a spot on University of Cincinnati’s (UC) dance team, which has won six national titles. In addition, the team had been selected as Team USA to represent the United States at dance worlds for the past four years.

“Their team is just like Ike dance team and I fell in love with it the first time I went to a clinic down there,” Cvetanovski said.

She wanted to try out UC because they are one of the top college dance teams, according to Cvetanovski.

“I felt good after tryouts because I did my best and didn’t mess up,” Cvetanovski said.

Cvetanovski said she felt confident during tryouts because of her preparation though Ike dance team as well as going to the gym with her coach to practice skills.

It took 16 days for Cvetanovski to learn her fate with the team because she had an early private tryout on March 19, instead of the regular tryout April 1 and 2, because she had a vacation planned during regular tryouts.

“When I found out she made the team I wasn’t surprised because she is an amazing dancer and she always gives 110 percent to do her best at dancing,” varsity dancer Maria Chodnicki said.

After tryouts, Cvetnovski said she was confident she made the team. Although she will be in a well-awarded program after leaving high school, there is some bitter-sweetness in her leaving after her four years on varsity dance.

“I think what Ike varsity dance will miss most about Bella is her fun personality and always making us laugh,” Chodnicki said. “But at the same time, her ability to push the team to our best and her role model as a caption was a great influence on us.”

The family and bonds she made with everyone will be most missed, according to Cvetanovski. However, there are still great things ahead for Cvetanovski at UC.

“[I’m looking forward to] being able to say that I’m apart of their team and all the football games,” Cvetanovski said. “And— of course— nationals and worlds.”