Schubert’s seventh annual Poetry day

Mackenzie Gurne, Assoicate Editor

Around 60 students volunteered to perform their original pieces of poetry, raps, and musical performances in honor of former English teacher Joann Schubert.

“I was very pleased with the variety that we had and how many people participated,” English teacher Andrew Bulat said. “Overall, the kids were very receptive to it; so I thought it went well.”

The seventh annual Joann Schubert Poetry Day was held on Fri. April 22, in the Performing Arts Center. Schubert passed away from pancreatic cancer seven years ago.

“I think it’s particularly good for the kids to get up there and share their work, whether it’s poetry or music, it’s definitely good for them. But it’s also really good for the other students to see them doing that and hear them doing that,” Bulat said. “I always try to make that comment about listening to poetry, and [poetry day] gives them a really good opportunity to do that. I think it’s good for everybody there.”

All students were able to participate and perform authentic pieces of poetry, writing and song lyrics in honor of the 33 years Schubert taught English.

“She probably would say not to do [Poetry Day] because she was very humble and didn’t seek recognition in any way, but I think she’s definitely very deserving of it and that’s why we do it,” Bulat said. “I think she would’ve been really happy that kids would be offering their own work and talents in a setting like that. I think that would’ve really pleased her.”