Shoulders back

Mackenzie Gurne, Associate Editor

Stop slouching. Stand up straight. Shoulders back.

Appearance is everything in today’s society and posture is often overlooked— and it’s vital to health and image.

Poor posture and body language don’t necessarily radiate positive vibes. Instead, it relays a lack of confidence, displays laziness and looks unprofessional.

Have you ever seen Kate Middleton hunch? No.

Looking like a princess outweighs looking like a couch potato, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

It attacks when doing homework and studying, stalking people on Instagram, watching the news, carrying a 2,000 pound backpack or slouching in a chair. Poor posture is inescapable.

The most noticeable side effect on teens is popularly classified as “text neck.” And it’s spreading like wildfire as new technology continuously emerges.

Most teenagers display a “not going to happen to me” attitude and couldn’t care less. But when one more minute staring down at a phone turns into an hour or two, and gravity finally sets in, the results are damaging and ugly.

Not to mention, there’s more physical side effects to slouching than a humped back.   

If a body is hunched over it concaves and squashes other significant organs, such as the lungs. When the lungs are restricted, the body lacks oxygen and forces the heart to work harder to circulate blood, according to the Kansas Chiropractic Foundation.

The body is trying to function properly while battling exterior problems, like becoming sick. It doesn’t need another issue that can be easily prevented.

People can relax and destress by scrolling through their Twitter feed or binge watching Netflix, but don’t mold into a replica of Mr. Crocker from “Timmy Turner.”

Shoulders back and sit up straight.

When stalking people, try holding the phone out, in front of the body, instead of down. When watching the news with grandma, find a position that doesn’t strain any body parts.

Your body will thank you when you’re older and you’ll look better because of it.