StuCo hosts regionals

Fabrizio Orsi de Paula, Staff Writer

It’s time for the annual Student Council regionals; and this time, Eisenhower is hosting it.

“It’s actually really fun and a good experience, because you meet all those kids from other schools and you just get a lot of new ideas,” senior StuCo president Jessica Guerra said.

The conference will take place on March 1, at Macomb Community College. Schools from region 9 will gather; listen to guest speaker Blake Flys, who comes from Canada and will speak to students on making good choices; perform group activities; share ideas; and hold a showcase about activities that are successful in their schools.

StuCo’s primary responsibilities as host include: booking the speaker; picking a theme, which will be “leadership rocks”; and planning advisor meetings; according to club advisor Amber Bronson. They’re also planning for a new feature.

“We’re going to do kind of a ‘meet the experts’ and let kids discuss about what their homecomings look like and what things they do really well; and they’ll be able to share ideas for about an hour,” Bronson said. “[The students] will have the opportunity to work with other students who have the same ability to influence their own buildings to get new ideas and to be able to share what they do.”