Elections halt school


Ryan Garza

Gov. Rick Snyder stands on stage with other Republican candidates and their families after giving his victory speech. Snyder was elected for a second term after defeating Mark Schauer, Democrat.

Nov. 4 featured students sleeping in and new state and national officials being elected.

Most notably, incumbent Governor Rick Snyder, Republican won re-election over contender Mark Schauer, Democrat. In a horse race, Snyder received 1, 606,034 votes while Schauer received 1,476,904 votes.

“I think Snyder has done a lot to improve Michigan and get us back on track and I am excited to see more changes in the future, especially in education,” voter Cheryl McVeigh said.

Another notable race was between Terri Lynn Land, Republican and Gary Peters, Democrat, for a coveted seat in the Senate. Nationally, the available Senate seats were predominantly filled by Republicans; however, Michigan went a against the trend by electing Peters. The Senate seat became available following long-term incumbent Carl Levin, Democrat, announcing he would not be seeking a seventh term.

During these gubernatorial elections, students were given the day off of school due to many being used as voting precincts. Many students are under the required voting age of 18 resulting in it being a day of relaxation instead of stress over who will be elected.

“I watched a lot of Netflix and wasn’t really concerned with the elections, but I was hoping that Snyder would win re-election, so I was happy when that happened,” senior Alyssa Buck said.