Ike News cut shorter


Nick Tomayko

Concerned about the lack of news value and viewership, according to theatre teacher David Springer, administration cut student news to air live only every Monday with pre-recorded video clips every other Monday.

“It wasn’t something that administration came down and said ‘you have to cut this,’ it was more of a mutual decision,” Springer said.

With less pressure to show clips in their 10 minute time frame twice a week, students gain more time to develop higher quality videos and also focus on their theatre activities, Springer said.

“It makes me happier it was cut shorter,” senior Sal Virelli said. “Honestly, it’s a lot of work that goes into it and it’s hard to keep up with.”

With the goal of improving viewership, student news will continue to devote the same dedication into their weekly segments to provide students with important information.

“I think the majority of teachers will put it on, but sometimes they’re giving a test or it doesn’t work in their schedule and we know that,” Springer said. “It’s the best way to get news and information out to people, so we try to encourage everybody to watch it.”