Feel the music

Junior Christian Bush performs at prestigious concerts in front of big names of the music industry


Swinging Jazz. A regular music act at Homegrown Brewing Company, junior Christian Bush performs at yet another event. He played his double bass to a Joe Henderson song at the brewing company on March twenty-fifth, 2023.

Standing on big and important stages bring euphoric moments for junior Christian Bush.

Bush has experienced a plethora of big opportunities this year. The events and concerts he played is something that most high school band members don’t get to experience. 

“I get to perform on really big stages at cool places like the grotto club, Rackham Auditorium, and also at Orchestra Hall in the Cube which was really nice,” Bush said, “The Cube is difficult to get into, it requires bands to audition, and we play high level music there.”

Getting to this level and performing at places such as; the Cube in front of big names is something he had to work double the time for. From an early age, Bush got into music not just at school but at home too, where hours were spent in front of the sheet music. From this point on there was no going back, he dedicated himself to the art of jazz.

“I started orchestra in the fourth grade, I’m in a bunch of band classes, practice every day, work hard, and don’t take a day off,” Bush said.

Bush has no plans of quitting music after high school. Making a mark in the jazz industry has become a goal for him and aims to major in Jazz composition in the future. For now, Bush and the Jazz quartet he is in are regulars at a brewing company in Oxford. The hopes of getting paid for gigs as opposed to playing for free are greater now than ever.

Bush looks forward to more events and any other opportunities that open themselves up to him. The excitement that comes with getting up on stage is unlike any other for him.

“It feels euphoric when I go up on stage, I feel very happy and excited to see what happens in the music that I’m playing,” Bush said.