First place for first aid

At HOSA Regionals, senior Gwendolyn Deras and junior Chelsea Pankiewicz took first place medals in CPR and First Aid


Medical Medal. Throughout this school year, senior Gwendolyn Deras and junior Chelsea Pankiewicz train hard for HOSA’s state competitions. Competing at HOSA regionals, the girls won first place medals in CPR and First Aid.

Maria Marki, Staff Writer

HOSA is a competition club for the medical field, students who are in the club compete and have to study very hard and practice their skill every day for the competition. 

“I was overwhelmed with joy and really proud of all of our hard work that led to this glorious moment. The teamwork dynamic enhanced the experience so that Gwen and I could share this medical moment together,” junior Chelsea Pankiewicz said. 

The competition is filled with students from different schools in Michigan. The students compete with a medical skill that they are performing in front of three judges. However, before going to the competition you must take a standardized test whether you have a partner or not. 

“I was extremely happy for them because the moment when I was in the stands and they were announcing third and second place, I was getting anxious,” Medical Science teacher Jill Bologna said. “But as soon as they called Gwendolyn and Chelsea’s names for first place, I was ecstatic for them, and I could have only imagined what it felt like for them.”

Deras and Pankiewicz decided to be partners for HOSA, so they competed, studied and practiced together to be completely ready for the competition. They performed CPR at the competition and were awarded first place overall. They studied and practiced almost every day; their free time was dedicated to HOSA. Their goal was to win, and they succeeded. 

“When we won I was very surprised, but I’m so happy because we studied so much, and everything had paid off. I could not have done it without my partner, Chelsea. We worked very hard together and I couldn’t have imagined a better person to work with and celebrate my win with,” senior Gwendolyn Deras said.