Dominating Divers

Mario D’Annunzio and Riley Brimm break 11 dive record


Diving into new depths. Competing at Romeo High School, senior Mario D’Annunzio and junior Riley Brimm break the dive 11 record from 1989. Currently, Mario holds the new record, leaving behind his legacy after his last season.

Ava Nightingale, Staff writer

After 34 years, the dive 11 record was broken by not just one, but two determined divers.

Kicking off his swim career in tenth grade, the now senior Mario D’Annunzio was the first to break the record since 1989. His training at the college level Legacy Diving camp improved his form and air awareness, helping him break the record by 54.75 points. 

“[Breaking the record] felt good. I tried to stay humble as much as I could about it. It was something that I set my achievements for the entire year and tried to work for,” D’Annunzio said.

Shortly afterwards, sophomore Riley Brimm broke the 1989 record at the same meet. He has a background in acrobatic martial arts and parkour/free running. Starting only halfway through last season Brimm worked his way to the top. Sticking to his training schedule has helped him break the 1989 record by 4 points. 

“I’ve come to diving practice 4 days a week for this season and half of last. I’ve pushed myself every day,” Brimm said.

D’Annunzio and Brimm’s dive coach Jennifer Trainor couldn’t be prouder of the boys knowing how hard they had worked. 

We trained to be the best and always made it fun. There was never a day we did not laugh at the pool,” Trainor said. 

While Mario now holds the new 11 dive record, Brimm has plans to break the record and then go on to break the six dive record.

“It’ll be different with Mario gone, but now I’ve got more motivation than ever,” Brimm said.