It’s Show Time

Gather around for the Annie musical


Gather Around, Show Time. director and producer Eric Wells. Woodwork classes are setting up the stage and are ready for the show. Tickets are selling and will continue selling till the last day the show is running.

Singing, dancing and acting can all be found at this year’s musical based on the movie Annie.

Show Time. Today’s student matinee was a hit! Tickets are still selling and will continue to be sold until the last show on Sunday at 2:00pm.

Tickets are up and running. You can order the tickets online at, or you can purchase the tickets an hour before the show starts at Eisenhower. Tickets will be 12 dollars per adult and student tickets are 10 dollars. The first show will be on March 3rd at 7pm. The second show will be held on March 4th at 1 pm and then again at 7pm. The third show will be held on March 5th playing at 2pm.  

The main character, Annie, will be portrayed by senior Sophia Bartolotta. Being the star of the school play is very touching to her, especially since graduation is right around the corner. She was super nervous during her first audition, however her callback felt like a breeze. The cast is almost like a family. They spend most of their time together having fun and rehearsing their lines. 

“I’m actually adopted. So, I was an orphan and so was Annie,” senior Sophia Bartolotta said. “So, we have something similar and playing her will definitely be an interesting experience.”

Woodworking classes are building the backdrops for the show. Drama teacher Eric Wells is making sure every detail of the show is perfect for his audience. He is more than proud of all the work his students have put into this production. 

“I’m always excited for my students to perform. It gives me a good sense of elation and pride for them, seeing them on stage and working to fruition. It may not happen all the time, but it gets there,” Wells said. 

The crew members are on the clock, and it’s show time. The curtains will open half an hour before the show starts. So, get your popcorn and take a seat. Enjoy the show. 

Cast members like junior Tyler Nichols staring as Daddy Warbucks, could not be more excited to be a part of this musical. He was very excited for his costars and can’t wait until show time. 

“I ran the lines about 1000 times before and I had it perfectly memorized. But it was nerve wracking in that moment when you have Mister Wells staring you down, and you don’t get any applause when you finish,” Nichols said.