Carving and Crafting German Club

Students from all grade levels participate in German Club meetings


Paint your heart out. Hard at work painting a pumpkin, sophomore Sydney Noelke participates in the first German club meeting of the year. She took German III this year, but stated that people do not need to know or take a German class to join the club. “German club is fun and you don’t have to know German to do it,” said Noelke.

There are many great ways to learn about a different culture from reading about it, experiences, stories, and following traditions that culture has, which is how German Club is creating immersive ways to teach about German culture. 

We took toilet paper, empty toilet paper rolls and wrapped paper around them to make them look like little German men, which was a really unique and fun approach to making figurines,” said sophomore German Club member Sydney Noelke. 

The German club had their second monthly meeting November 2nd, with the third planned for December. Pumpkin painting and crafting toilet paper rolls into little German men ensued during the past two meetings. The next meeting is planned to be centered around gingerbread in time for the holidays. 

“It’s going to be a gingerbread house contest,” said club advisor Megan Wiley. “It’s our biggest event of the year.”

The upcoming meeting will use graham crackers in place of gingerbread for the construction of the houses, but gingerbread is a traditional cookie made during the holidays in Germany. The club commences after school and is open to everyone to join; it is not required to be taking a German class to be a member of the club. 

“People should join German Club because it’s fun,” Noelke said. “And you do not have to know German to take part in the festivities celebrating German culture.”