Exam Effect

Exams are needed for the success of students


Exam Extravaganza, the picture represents how exams can help you later in life. Exams can help you in college and then later in the workplace. Over all exams can help you be successful in life.

Molly Yeske, Staff Writer

Summer is quickly approaching but before summer students must face exams.

 Exams may seem unnecessary to take at the end of the year when you learned most of the material at the beginning of the year. However, people don’t realize that exams improve learning, memorization skills, and overall knowledge.

“Children hustling to cover the portion during exams enables them to learn that multitasking is very beneficial for every individual, especially when children grow up,” WowParent.com said.

Many students say they won’t study but they end up taking the accountability to study, therefore making them learn important life skills. Responsibility can be important for many aspects of life, like in the workplace, at home, and school. Reliability shows that you are resilient as an individual and it provides a sense of purpose. 

“As children grow up, they develop discipline within themselves. Examinations give us the experience that provides life lessons. Some valuable life lessons like hard work, creativity, and patience evolve in children. They learn the art of managing fun and acquire an abundance of knowledge from the syllabus. In the process of preparing for exams, they also learn to overcome their weaknesses,” WowParent.com said. 

Exams get students ready for the real world by showing them their strengths and weaknesses in life. This shows that you may struggle differently and not follow a career in that subject. It may be math, chemistry, or even an art class.

However, some may say that exams are too competitive and put too much pressure on the kids to get a good grade. To change the way kids feel about exams, students need to change the way they see exams. Instead of looking at an exam as a hassle, look at it as something that will test their capabilities.

Exams don’t need to feel like a constant stressor. With the right guidance, exams can be fun. Students can perform well if not pressurized. Try not to give them a sense of guilt, instead be positive and make them think positively. Instead of giving out more practice exams, we should start using that time to help students feel less stressed about the test and create a different outlook on exams.