Senioritis: Don’t become a victim

Senoritis: the intensifying disinterest in maintaining high academic standards. It’s real, it’s dangerous and it’s on the move.

Early symptoms: lethargy, lack of focus and difficulty making decisions. It attacks high-achieving, average and struggling students around the turning point of second semester. Usually. it’s when there’s a clear view of spring break, prom and graduation on the horizon.

The scariest thing about it is, it’s not only affecting seniors, but students in all grades.

The love of laziness used to start after an acceptance to college and when plentiful scholarships were in hand. Now, the lack of motivation begins around the turning point of second semester, with a Netflix account and an addiction to social media websites.

With the ACT just around the corner for juniors and the goal of earning top academic honors for sophomores, it’s not time for students to put their feet up just yet. Even for those seniors who think “it’s senior year and nothing matters,” sadly it still does.

It can be tempting to sit back and leave the backpack untouched over the weekend, but reality hits hard after several weeks of giving into the temptation.

While, students may not have figured out what they’re doing after graduation and they’re pretty sure it won’t require algebra or Shakespeare, they don’t realize those subjects affect their college acceptance. It affects them more than they think.

First it starts with innocent missing assignments, next it turns into failing important tests and then all of a sudden dropping GPAs.

Students’ “I don’t care” attitudes may help them gain more followers on Twitter, but it won’t earn them needed scholarships.

It’s completely understandable high school students feel burnt out from attending school for so many years, but it’s time to pull it together.

It’s the long stretch, the last lap, the final battle, don’t throw in the towel just yet.