Mesmerizing mitski

Mesmerizing Mitski


Photo Credits: Avery Lemley

Owning the stage, Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski Miyawaki gives an energetic and inspiring performance to fans. On March 17, 2022, Mitski sang and danced for fans at Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan. Singing her hit song, “First Love/ Late Spring”, Mitski gives fans an unforgettable experience due to her expressive gestures and mesmerizing voice.

Vivian Pozsgay, Staff Writer

 Giving fans a night to remember, singer-songwriter Mitski performs for thousands.

Thousands of fans came out to see Mitski’s engaging, energetic performance. Mitski, along with her opener band MICHELLE, serenaded fans in a show running from about 9pm-11pm. The concert, both with its ups and downs, should be seen by as many people as possible as Mitski continues her tour throughout North America.

 The wait: ★☆☆☆

My party, all of which had general admission lower-level tickets, arrived approximately at 5:30pm in preparation for the 7:00pm show. While it is understandable and expected for concerts to start later than the time scheduled, it is still inconvenient for the show to begin two hours after the scheduled time. The wait is the only possible valid reason for not attending the concert.

The opener: ★★★★☆

MICHELLE, the opening band for Mitski, was an incredible mix of vibrant R&B and indie-pop. Not only did this band match Mitski’s vibe and theme, but they brought their own sense of personality to the show. Their music got fans excited and energized and was a great transition to Mitski’s performance.

Mitski’s performance: ★★★★★

Mitski outsold all expectations with her extremely energetic and uplifting mood, as well as incredible vocal range. Mitski continually danced and showed intense emotions while singing her songs. She used her strong voice and admirable sense of confidence to own the stage for the entirety of the night

The setlist: ★★★★☆

Mitski’s setlist was organized very well, making each song seem to flow effortlessly to the next. The setlist combined her new album “Laurel Hell” with her well-known songs from previous albums in an exciting and memorable way. While the setlist was very satisfactory, it left out some extremely popular songs. Songs missed from the setlist include Liquid Smooth, Last Words of a Shooting Star, A Burning Hill and Bag of Bones.

The venue environment: ★★★☆☆

Mason Temple in Detroit Michigan fits about 4,650 people, and Mitski’s fans were extremely quick to fill up those spots. The venue was very beautiful and antique, which made for an inviting environment. While the venue was nice, the smells and crowds quickly became both unpleasant and overwhelming, making the overall concert experience a bit less ideal. However, this is to be expected by concerts and should not stop someone from attending.

 The overall rating: ★★★★☆

Although the long wait and atmosphere of the concert could have been more pleasant, Mitski and MICHELLE’s performances made up for any disruptions before or during the show. The concert was incredibly vibrant and uplifting. Mitski delivered yet another incredible performance, while showing her support and love for her fans.

Mitski’s incredible voice, beautiful opener, and talent should not continue to go unnoticed by both teens and adults. Her tour within North America will continue its course through August 12th, hitting many popular cities such as New York City and Chicago. While her concert was not perfect this should not stop someone from having a wonderful, pleasant experience.