Bathroom madness

Students should treat the bathrooms better

Ava Kaspari, Editor

Toilet paper thrown on the floor ends up stuck under shoes and trash; it never makes it to the garbage can. Students should treat the school bathrooms how they treat their own bathroom.
School bathrooms are dreadful to walk into. The horrible smell makes one hold their breath and there are many problems that need to be addressed within the school bathrooms — students play into most of these issues.
Since students are the main users of these bathrooms, they play a part in maintaining them as well. We can’t rely on our janitors to always be cleaning and taking care of them.
There is no reason to write on the walls. The stalls are used by a variety of students and no one wants to see inappropriate writings or drawings when using the restroom. Not only is it improper, but it’s also vandalizing school property, which is illegal.
In most stalls, there is toilet paper on the ground or all over the seat. It’s not hard to simply flush the toilet paper that’s being used. Leaving it on the ground or on the seat is unsanitary and disrespectful to whoever is using that stall next.
As someone who uses the women’s restroom at the school, the most unpleasant thing to walk into is urine on the floor and feminine hygiene products that are not disposed of properly. There is a trash can attached to each stall specifically for disposal.
The bathrooms should be used for one purpose only; to go to the bathroom and wash your hands. Recently, students have been using the bathrooms for a place to hang out or eat lunch. Not only is this unsanitary, but it also disrupts students who need to use the bathroom. These students take up space and cause unnecessary commotion.
Due to the problems that happen in the bathroom, teachers lock them. This means there is usually only one bathroom that is accessible. This is inconvenient for students who do not play into these problems.
Treat the restroom how everyone would want to walk into it: clean and usable.