Halkic, Singh, Waligora win


Miranda Smith

For their Toys for Tots presentation, seniors Amela Halkic, Mallory Waligora and Simran Singh earn first place in Grand Rapids, Mich. Halkic, Waligora and Singh won $1,000 for student council. “After we won, everyone was so proud of us, and (student council adviser) Amber Bronson was so happy because we haven’t done it in so long, so it was so nice to be a part of something as incredible as this,” Singh said.

Vivian Pozsgay, Staff Writer

Student council placed first in a statewide conference, winning student council over $1,000.
“It was just insane because the presentation was at the last minute and we almost didn’t do it,” Halkic said. “I’m so grateful that we actually came together because seeing that hard work that we put in pay off was so surreal.”
Singh, along with student council president Mallory Waligora and historian Amela Halkic, presented their Toys for Tots PowerPoint at Michigan Association of Student Councils State conference in Grand Rapids and placed first.
“We were all holding hands and when they called our name, we just freaked out and gave each other the biggest group hug,” senior Simran Singh said. “It was the best feeling because we knew how much effort Toys for Tots took and the fact that other people saw that, too, was amazing.”
Toys for Tots raised over $23,000, while the competing presenting schools’ projects did not surpass $10,000 in fundraising.
“Winning this money for the council with Amela and Simran was so nice,” Waligora said. “They’re honestly two of my best friends, so it was a really rewarding experience to go through with two of your closest friends.”
Student council adviser Amber Bronson, matched the $1,000 donation. The money will send student council members to leadership camp.
“She puts so much into the student council, and everyone in the council loves Mrs. Bronson because she is the hardest working teacher we know,” Waligora said. “She was so proud of us and hugged us when we found out we won. It was an amazing feeling.”
By achieving this award for best student showcase, student council felt validated within their own success.
“I was really proud of us because sometimes high school gets a bad rep,” Singh said. “We were able to show all of these cool things you can achieve and it was really inspiring because we got to show that high school can be really positive and rewarding.”
Student council members came together to celebrate with hugs and words of praise for Waligora, Singh and Halkic.
“I’m super proud of them and I’m really excited for the opportunity to have that money because it’s a great gift from the state that we earned,” Bronson said, “So for us to be able to kind of enhance our own program just makes me so proud.”