Driving-me crazy

Moving the driving age to 18 years old will not be better than 16 years old


Driving craze! Junior Kaitlyn Mulville drives home from school. She felt safe and relaxed. “I would be upset [if I had to wait until 18 years old to drive alone], because when I drive I feel very calm and free, and I wouldn’t want to rely on others to drive me around,” Mulville said.

Rhonda Shoush, Staff Writer

Sweetest 16! The age of many opportunities and driving alone; however, this luxury may be changed if the driving age is raised to 18. 

States such as New Jersey and Delaware have toughened up their driving programs, according to nbcnews.com, and New Jersey already has implemented a legal driving age of 17 years old. Delaware has banned teens from using cell phones while driving, imposed stricter driving curfews, and expanded supervised driving time.

Michigan shouldn’t  follow the same path by raising the driving age, it will not be a benefit.

If teenagers want to go away to college or commute locally,  they would need a license to be able to drive to school and a potential job. If the state were to increase the driving age to 18, those students who graduate high school at 17 would need to rely on their parents, until they turn 18.

Uber, a car service which allows you to request rides from drivers, can get the job done, but at great costs. Driving their own vehicle is more reliable than depending on an uber. Some people work multiple days a week and calling an uber multiple times a day isn’t cheap.

Buses are not reliable as there is a shortage of drivers. 

Some people may argue that the legal age for a license should be raised to 18, because of safety. According to worldsrichpeople.com, 43% of first-year drivers get into car accidents. However, no matter what age you are when you first get your license, you’re considered a “first year driver,” so age shouldn’t have any effect.

All of the 16 year old’s out there should not give up. If there is any talk about the minimum driving age being changed, protest peacefully for the luxury of driving alone. Driving at 18 years old is a late start.