“Eternals” brings endless entertainment

Marvel’s newest film puts a fresh spin on superhero movies

Marvel Entertainment

Danielle M Carlisi, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Critics bashed it. The audience loved it. It’s baffling how people can argue when “Eternals” is the most unique and complex Marvel movie to date, which makes it one of the best.

There are ten Eternals. Even with time constraints, no character development was sacrificed. Chloé Zhao, the director and Oscar winner, did an amazing job characterizing every individual and leaving no character behind. Each one had a different ability, a different personality and their own backgrounds. The characters felt genuine and real, which allows relatability and attachment to the characters.

“Eternals” was a very emotional film, which isn’t something expected from an action film. It highlighted the importance of relationships among individuals. Even though these beings were immortal, they had a human element to them which was shown throughout the movie. There were multiple moments leaving audience members with tears in their eyes. 

Of course, this was still a Marvel movie, so the action was spectacular. With the addition of new super abilities to the big screen and some more classic powers like super speed, the action sequences were complex and interesting to watch. Actress Angelina Jolie even prepared for her fight scenes by training in ballet, which made the fight scenes with her character, Thena, even more impactful. 

Also, every scene was elevated by Zhao’s choice of minimal CGI. Most Marvel movies are shot on a set with green screen, but the Eternals used outside locations and practical sets which made the film seem more real. The visuals were beautiful with greenery, sunsets and more.

Apart from great visuals, “Eternals” packed a punch and left audiences wanting more. The mid-credits scene made jaws drop with a special cameo and the post-credits scene caused curiosity and excitement.

Sure, this wasn’t a perfect film. Some people may find it slow-pacing in some parts, but it was important for the characters to be fleshed-out completely. These moments had a purpose, but not everybody will enjoy or appreciate this.

On a serious note, this movie was a step in the right direction for representation in action movies. Everyone could see themselves on the screen during this movie. The disabled community, the black community, the LGBTQ community, the Asian community and the Mexican community were all represented by the Eternals. There were only two white men out of the ten Eternals and it was beautiful to finally see that on screen. It may not be everyone’s favorite Marvel movie, but it should be appreciated for the way it reflects society.

The Eternals rates five out of five stars.