Apple releases IPhone 13

The new IPhone is here and its better than the last one


Taking a photo with my new iPhone 13, I use the portrait mode on my camera. The camera quality is very clear and great for taking photos of people.

Ava Kaspari, Staff Writer

What a surprise, Apple made yet another iPhone; its new features and improved qualities make it even better than any other phone. 

The new iPhone 13 was finally released on the 23rd of September. Its new features make it even better than any other iPhone. It comes in 5 different colors to choose from: Midnight, Starlight, Pink, (PRODUCT)RED, and Blue. 

I recently got my iPhone 13 in pink which is a brand new color by apple. I really like it because pink is one of my favorite colors and the color itself has an elegant look to it. It’s unique and nothing like any of the colors apple has made before.

There is a dual camera system which makes the photos and videos taken on the phone extremely clear. The camera app also includes cinematic mode which is similar to portrait mode, but in video form. This causes the camera to smoothly move and focus on something while blurring the background. 

This feature is good because of how often I take videos. I will be using this feature often because of how well it focuses and films people. Filming with the cinematic feature feels like watching a movie; it has a very professional look to it. 

The biggest benefit of the new iPhone 13 is the battery life. While any other iPhone will go dead after being on it for a few hours, the new iPhone will last all day without running out of battery. The battery life won’t be an issue throughout the day. 

The iPhone 13 also has 5g (the 5th generation mobile network). This is the new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, according to Having a good connection while out is very convenient and makes the iPhone better. 

A very noticeable feature on the iPhone 13 is the quality of the actual phone itself. It clearly feels much more durable than any other iPhone. It contains an aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure combined with a Ceramic Shield, according to