Film club strikes Packard Proving Grounds deal

Packard Proving Grounds utilizes film club’s videos in their museum

Rachael Gaulin, Staff writer


Grab the camera! The film club and Packard Proving Grounds strike a deal for their upcoming museum. “Every time I go to the museum the curator will teach me something, and it’s really cool to have basically free reign over the building to get any shot I need,” senior Thomas Dilger said. This deal gives the club members a chance to film videos for pieces of history that will be in this museum.

At the start of 2020, the Film Club agreed to make a series of videos for Packard Proving Grounds’ new museum in the works. 

“This is my first time working on a film project for an institution other than the school and it’s a great way to start my film career before I’ve even graduated,” senior Thomas Dilger said. 

Film club gets the opportunity to make historical videos on the grounds on their own time after school hours. The project was put on hold at the beginning of quarantine last March and was resumed again once in-person school resumed. Now, Dilger and the rest of the film club get the chance to create videos on pieces of Packard’s history. 

“Every time I go to the museum, the curator will teach me something and it’s really cool to have basically free reign over the building to get any shot I need,” Dilger said. 

When the Proving Grounds found out about Eisenhower’s film department, they reached out to film teacher and club advisor Josephine Braun about the partnership to see if the students were interested. Now Braun is just as excited as the club’s members. She allows the students involved to utilize their class time to work on the videos.

“There were barely any funds, but what my students would get is experience and access to the Proving Grounds while also getting accolades, which gives them the chance to put their names in the credits,” Braun said.

This partnership has given the students who volunteered a unique work experience that can be used towards their future of filmmaking. Not only do these students gain experience but they also get access to the Proving Grounds for making videos and a place to take senior or Gala pictures. While still following COVID-19 protocols, the film club continues to make these historically inspired videos for the Proving Ground Museum project. 

“It’s a great experience, everyone at the museum is really friendly and enthusiastic about the videos we’ve been working on,” Dliger said.