“Moxie” review

Comedy and drama movie “Moxie” shares Vivian’s journey to starting a Feminist club in her school

Morgan Pankiewicz, Staff Writer

Happiness, sadness and pride are a few emotions and feelings felt when watching the newly released movie “Moxie.”

“Moxie” just came out to Netflix on March 3 and is already climbing the charts in the US. It rates PG-13 on Netflix. 

This movie is a good one to watch at home with a group of friends or one’s family. It becomes inspiring and very heartfelt. The movie is emotional and makes one feel proud near the end. 

Moxie is based on a novel written by Jennifer Mathieu in 2017. The movie has a punk-rock vibe to it as well as an upbeat soundtrack as it tells the story of a rebellious girl of power. Students in high school will find the movie relatable because of its teenage characters. 

The film is directed by Amy Poehler. Actor Patrick Schwarzenegger portrays Mitchell Wilson, Actress Hadley Robinson plays Vivian Carter and Actress Amy Poehler portrays the role of Vivian’s mom.

The lighting in the movie is new looking, bright and modern. The outfits are trendy for the time frame. The acting was authentic, as they did a great job portraying their characters actions. 

There are a few twists and turns throughout the film that make you wonder “What will happen next” or even “Will they find out?” 

Although this movie was almost two hours long, it moved along quite quickly and there were not many slow points. “Moxie” shows determination in a girls world and makes one feel encouraged and motivated at the end. Overall, “Moxie” rates a solid 4 out of 5 stars.